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Unicorn Fibre Rinse 473ml


Unicorn Fibre Rinse is an anti-static, buffered pH bath designed to optimize conditioning of the natural fibre cuticle.

Restores luster and softness to cashmere, alpaca, merino wool, mohair, cotton, and other natural fibres.
Aids Unicorn Fibre Wash by minimizing re-entry of dirt onto fibre shaft after washing and is gentle enough to pamper your everyday knitwear garments.
Leaves a refreshing fragrance and is non-yellowing.
Fibre-shielding formula reduces the “itch factor.”

Available in 3 sizes:
3.78L/1 Gal

Easy to use; especially great for AFTER dyeing your yarn or fibre.

This is for 473ml bottle.

Postage is $7.20 for a 500g satchel.

Price: $20.00

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