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Alpaca fibre is strong, light and very smooth, enabling the production of very warm, light and supple clothing without the disadvantages of heavier or coarser material.

The Alpaca fibre comes in a wide range of natural colours ranging from white, off-white, shades of grey, fawn, silver, champagne, red brown, deep chocolate brown and jet black. Although the fibre can be dyed, the use of the natural colours means an absence of dye products and minimal exposure to allergens, for even the most sensitive of wearers.

Available in Black or White, or White blended with Bamboo. 100g/bag

up to 3 bags of 100g - $7.20 (500g satchel)
3+ bags - $11.40 (3kg satchel)
Postage can be combined with other purchases as long as it remains under this weight, or choose to go up a satchel size.

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