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Say "silk" and luxury, beauty, sensuality & elegance comes to mind. Silk has a greater range in length, texture, strength and lustre than any other fibre, natural or man made and is supremely adaptable. Beautiful to spin and mix with wool too.

Available in natural white or custom hand dyed to your preferred colour. Please specify your colour choices in the message box below.
Hand dyed: 25g or 50g bags.
White:  50g or 100g bags.

Landscape Colours - Original
Landscape Colours - Elements

up to 5 bags of 50g/ 8 bags of 25g - $7.20 (500g satchel)
8+ bags - $11.40 (3kg satchel)
Postage can be combined with other purchases as long as it remains under this weight, or choose to go up a satchel size.

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